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 Suggestion for player owned buildings

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PostSubject: Suggestion for player owned buildings   Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:06 am

Suggestion for player owned buildings

Player owned trade post construction

The trade post once built becomes a visible location on worldmap that all players can see, details of how this could work follow.

The security of a trade post will increase with the investment made with options to start small and upgrade from one tier to the next.

First tier Trade Post: A basic tent like Buster's tent in NCR. The player either pays some sleazy real estate guy in a town to set it up for them or the player gathers the needed materials himself provided he has the proper knowledge/skill. In the first case perhaps the price will include some cheap amateur hired guns to defend it and one sleazy npc salesman to do the bartering in the tent for the player. Or it could be up to the player to find and hire both the muscle and the fast talkin snake-oil salesman for the job. Either way, once set up, the player now has his own trading post in the wasteland where he can stop to check on how his business is doing or he could camp there with all his buddies to make sure no funny business goes down.

Owners of said trading post (the player who set it up) can access special dialog of the trader so his inventory can be added to or taken from. Guards would have the usual settings so if a player wanted to he could make his trad post invitation only and have his guards set to shoot all unknowns or faction enemies on sight. So raids on tradeposts would be a risky business but could also be profitable.

Tradeposts would naturally become the stage for all sorts of interesting player interaction. Say for example one tradepost is in a good location and the owner has a strong gang and well paid guards to protect it and they always keep the trader well stocked with great stuff or lots of caps or both. So this particular tradepost becomes a popular stop for many players who just want to trade. So this naturally attracts the attention of your typical pker types. Imagine a group of many indivual traders and a some small groups or even a big gang who've all stopped by just to conduct some business when all of a sudden a large group of pkers show up in full force guns blazing! All hell breaks loose! It would be a blood bath. And whoever is left standing could clean up the spoils of war.

2nd Tier: A barbed wire fence with a fence-door, forming a cage, like the gun shop in NCR or that drug guy in New Reno. This place might have more storage capacity in back in a locked room or warehouse full of crates. A potential target of player-raiders but also a good place for the player to hide all his buddies or mercs or a dozen vicious attack dogs. And of course the only way in to this warehouse would be through a locked door inside the trader's cage which itself has a lockable door. This type of tradepost could have certain hours it stays open if the player chooses. In case the player wants to monitor all activity there during his normal hours he is on. Of course that wouldnt be a very good way to do business as not everyone is on same timezone as him. But it would be much more secure that way. And his npcs could still be there to protect it when the store is closed and locked up. I thought of having the fence be electric when its closed but I know thats probably not possible in fonline (yet).

3rd tier: When the map is entered all that is seen above ground is a little metal building with elevator doors and perhaps with a fence around the area. The BOS bunker in fonline:2238 is what Im describing. But could also have the security gate from the military base here but in working order so that the place can be locked down if necessary and only invited guests allowed in perhaps with a password entered into the keypad outside the gate. The guards would naturally wear powerarmor or atleast combat armor and weild big guns. They could also be set to ask strangers for a password and if strangers do not have it or dont put their weapons away the guards give them a warning and start counting down before they attack.

This place would naturally cost an arm and a leg.. and a vital organ. Basically unattainable without a large gang or filthy rich individual. The NPC trader or perhaps simply an automated trader system controlled by a computer will be stationed down below on some floor the elevator takes visitors to. The computer idea i think would be better to make it full proof against raiders, since there would be nothing to kill and rob. Only thing raiders/pkers could possible do in this situation is to kill the guards topside and take whatever they have and then just camp the map till the owner shows up or any visitors looking to trade. But they would eventually get tired of that or become victims themselves. So all in all I think this could be a great system and source of endless amusement. Much better in my opinion than that stupid town control crap.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for player owned buildings   Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:42 pm

The underground BOS style tradepost could also double as a faction base by having the elevator [via some special code or something] take you to a different deeper level containing everything a faction would need for a complete base of operations. Or instead of a code the elevator could just ask the player if he/she wants to go to the trading level or the base level but only if the player is named in the base computer down in the base level. For anyone else they see the elevator button popup panel with the base button locked.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for player owned buildings   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:54 am

Underground bases are already planned.. a Trading post that is underground is a nice idea
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestion for player owned buildings   

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Suggestion for player owned buildings
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