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 Welcome to Fallout Online: Australia!

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PostSubject: Welcome to Fallout Online: Australia!   Sun Jan 15, 2012 5:18 am

Hello. This Image above may have brought you here! this is The Core Gaming Australia's Blog. The Core Gaming Australia or.. TCGA is my gaming company I'm creating. It is responsible for the creation of Fallout Online: Australia.

Fallout Online: Australia is built off the FOnline Engine, and is based off Fallout 1/2 Engine and core Mechanics.
Fallout Online: Australia adds many new features to the world of Fallout.
Here are some:
Quote :
Basic Backround: After Nuclear war Australia goes down like the rest of the world.
The Year is 2276. 2 New Nations are Arrising from the East of the Country. The
Brisbane Alliance of States.
New Australia Republic.

These are Rival Cities with new leadership and new ideals. There are small towns built around the country like Broken Hills or Ashfordville

Adelaide was saved from a direct hit from a missle by the US' Star Wars Project in Uluru. Adelaide was left intact dragging in many people from the wastes searching for refuge.

The Australian Military Survived in a Vault in the South-West of Australia. they Had Decided to not intervein with what happens in Australia. And Prevent people coming from other countries, sort of a border patro, They Remain in their own area of Australia. which is HEAVILY defended.

Doctor Ashford is trying to cure people who have radiation sickness when he accidently makes a virus. Making the people of Forbes Infected. and people never heard of them again. Dr Ashford then Formed a new town Near the B.A.S to be protected where he would master his Drug.

Sydney is invaded by many scavengers who keep on mysteriously dissapearing.
Sydney Holds many secrets not to be revealed. only to be found by players in-game who will have to choose whether to spread the message or not.


Features of the Server:

- Town and Base Building. ( Make your own place as Mayor )

- Skin Changes are Free and Open
( Plastic Surgeons found around the wastelands can meet your needs! )

- The New TC System. Instead of a Gang taking a town to get a reward. the mayor will need to pay off a gang, or else the gang can kill everything in the town if its not protected. which brings me to the next Feature.

- ALL NPC's Lootable. this isn't an issue with caravans as Caravans are run by Players.

- Player Caravans / Factions and Clans. Different to the old' Faction Terminal. The Factions are run by the creator and he can do whatever he wants like purchase/claim or take a base to have his men live there. Open Choice to what a Faction can Do.

- A Place For Australian Gamers to be and Play. we are international but like never before Australia now has its own representative game. Were Australian Gamers can chill, become freinds and Meet people from Across the World.

- Terminator Perk Removed ( As I Dislike it, and its bullshitness )

Farming system. Get Seeds and happily plant crops in which you can get fruit and other resources

- Buying Mercenaries of all descriptions

- Enslaving anybody, of any species or Faction

- LOTS of new armours

- Better and more Simple crafting.

- Many new Resource gathering types ( Cotton and Cement for example )

- Portable crafting benches

- New Storyline and main characters

- Sydney MegaCity ( Contains 30x map size of Green Grids, and Sewers )

A Large Feature of Fallout Online: Australia Concerning weapons. You can get any weapon and they aren't weakened.

The way I would like the logic to go on this server is, somebody gets a bigger gun. So you need a bigger gun, more people, a defendable position. or something to counter that gun. I choose not to Nerf anything.
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Welcome to Fallout Online: Australia!
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