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The Giantslayer
Server Feature List - W.I.P
Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:22 am by Feltzer
---- Feature List ----

Main Features:
Slaving Anything ( From Animals to NPC's ) ** To Be Balanced Properly

Architect Crafting
- Create Anything from Houses, Bases, Churches, Mini-Vaults, Trading posts ( Visible on World-Map )
All Craftable in the Fixboy

Tents, Small Caves and Level One houses Don't Require the Crafting Skill

Entirely New World and Storyline
Lots of Intricate Storyline features a player can discover.

New Maps and Towns created from Scratch

New soundtrack ( Export from the Popular TV Show "Jericho" )

Vehicles Like Humvees and Highwaymen, Helicopters ect

Mercenaries that can be purchased in surplus amounts

Skills now Have a Brand new impact on the game.. There are lots more you can do with each individual skill

Players Can get any Item avaliable in the Game. there is no weapon or armour restrictions..
( All Items will be eventually added to fixboy )

No Weapons are Nerfed. They are all very effective already without being weakened down.

New Crafting Possibilities, From Creating Clothing and Armours, Medicines like Painkillers and Anti-Bionics down to Structures.

PvP is everywhere except 2 Guarded towns.

For all those Town-Control people you dont need to hold an area for a certain amount of time to Control a town. You Can just bust in and kill all the NPC's and Players and Loot them all.. Holding a Player-Made town will have to be resolved by a town mayor.

Many new Items ( Especially Clothing: We dont need no Skin changes when there is clothes for almost every Human skin avaliable )

Plastic Surgeons: Providing Skin changes to other species like Super-Mutants to Molerats.

Player-Run Economy: With the Allowance of Trading posts Players are intended to run the bulk of the economy. As Players are able to kill traders they only carry low tier equipment.

All NPC's are Lootable. Nothing survives!

Breeding! ( Player > Slave Breeding and Player > Player Breeding )
-- Breeding is not a Joke. You may have children that can grow up.

All Resources Ore, Mineral, Water, Cotton Ect Can be found in Random Encounters! NO Mining Sites * Unless a Player Crafts one Razz *


External Features:

Freely Hosted Forum ( All Donation Proceeds go directly to the Game )

Player-Submitted Maps can be accepted to be added to the construction list.

Player-Submitted Quest ideas can be accepted and approved by a majority active-user vote.

Much Much More!

Comments: 3
Fallout Online: Australia
                                              How to Play Fallout Online: Australia
Wait for an Open Beta ( In announcement Sections )
There will usually be a download link available in the Moderation Section.

Download Client.....
Open the Updater and change the IP ( Keep the Port 4040 ) to the IP of the server.

Download all Updates

Start up Client and register an account. ( For your information the Main menu is slightly damaged and you may need to click the bottom left-middle  of the word Register.

Once you have made an account click play or hit enter!

Then you are Ready to play!

a Few commands for your consideration

~cuttheveins    is to kill yourself
~sleep             is to goto sleep, knocks you out 10ap but heals you.
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Is the project dead?
Mega Spiders
Server Feature List - W.I.P
Suggestion for player owned buildings
How do you actually play?
Large Resolution FO: Aus Logo
Radio modifications
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